Breed: KWPN

Sex: mare

Colour: bay

Year: 2015

Height: 16hh



Kokomos is a stunning Dutch mare by Chippendale. She carries the line of many famous horses on her father's side such as Lord Leatherdale, Lord Loxley, Lord SInclair, Negro, and Landadel and then equally on her mother's side with Cocktail, Contango, Contender and Ferro. Kokomos is a beautiful mare with exceptional gaits and cadence. She has great conformation and a beautiful top line. She is a fun ride, very willing and generous to train. She is currently schooling first level. Kokomo is smooth to sit, sensitive and sensible. She has very active hind leg and shows great promise for the top levels of dressage. Kokomo leg yields, does shoulder in and is schooling travers and half pass. She shows great talent for collection.

Chippendale Lord Leatherdalde Lord Loxley Lord Sinclair 
Fairless P Ferragamo 
Ti Amo Negro Ferro 
Jolinde Landadel 
Moeder Nourejev Cocktail Purioso 
Badette G.Ramiro Z 
Bontangoloma Contango Contender 
Adissa III 
Ouloma Ferro